The SASWH AGM portion of the day provided members with an overview of the year.  SASWH continues to see progress in safety in healthcare and is very appreciative of the input and feedback from membership  The current safety training programs and services from SASWH continue to meet the needs of membership.

I hope you found the AGM and conference to be of value to you and we look forward to seeing you in March of 2017 in Saskatoon!

This year’s SASWH Annual general meeting and conference was another successful event.  Setting the stage for the start of the day was an overview on the enhancements underway to the Transferring Lifting Repositioning (TLR®) program ©.  Then the day covered areas with respect to workplace violence in healthcare. Glenn French provided us with an overview of the fact that workplace violence is a National issue.  His key message was that with incidents of violence we should be morally outraged and to channel that outrage into creating positive change for improvement.  What we need to do now is encourage engagement at all levels and to collaboratively address the high incidents of violence and acts of aggression in healthcare.  Henrietta Van hulle shared the experience in the Province of Ontario speaking to the merits behind their collaborative approach to build a Provincial Healthcare Workplace Violence Prevention tool kit.  Bringing it home for all of us was Pamela Owen as we listened to her personal story of workplace violence and the toil it takes on a person, the system challenges and the everlasting effects it has on your life.  Jeff Schwan provided an overview of the success and progress in the implementation of patient processes within the one Safety Management System.  Rounding out the day was the comic relief provided by Paul Huschilt who made us laugh at ourselves as he took us though a reflection on the day’s key messages.  Presentations from the speakers are now available on our website and can be located HERE.

On behalf of the staff at SASWH and the SASWH Board, thank you for your ongoing commitment to workplace safety.
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