Board of Directors

The SASWH Board of Directors is a policy governance board who sets the strategic direction of the association and ensures the ends and outcomes of each strategic element are met and adhered to.

The SASWH Board of Directors is comprised of a mix of healthcare professionals and leaders from across the province of Saskatchewan. The Board is made up of Employer and Worker representatives. If you or someone you know if interested in being a director of the Board, please contact our CEO Sandra Cripps.

Current SASWH Board of Directors 

Employer Directors Brent Kitchen
  Christina Denysek
  Petrina McGrath
  Vivienne Hauck (Director at Large)
  Heather Monaghan (Director at Large)
  Kyle Matthies
Worker Directors Lori Johb (Chair)
  Tracey Sauer
  Randa Schikosky
  Denise Dick (Director at Large)
  Bill Fischer
  Sandra Seitz