Denise Dick

Worker Director - Treasurer 

First Vice-President, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

Denise Dick, RN, is currently the First Vice-President for the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) and has been an active member within her Union since the start of her career in 1982. Denise began her registered nursing career 31 years ago at the Moose Jaw Union Hospital in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on the Pediatric Unit, followed by her experience on the Surgical Unit. For the past 17 years Denise has been making a difference in the lives of women and children on the Women’s Health Unit which consists of Labour and Delivery, Nursery, Postpartum and Women’s Surgeries.

Denise’s involvement with Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) started early in her career when she was asked to represent SUN during an OH&S Committee meeting; it was then that her passion for safety and her activism was ignited. Denise continued to represent SUN as the Co-chair of Moose Jaw Union Hospital’s Joint OH&S Committee for 10 years. Denise’s tenure as OH&S Co-chair was during a time when Health Regions were being developed and Districts were being phased out, thus there was a need to develop strong safety programs and regional safety policies. During her time as Co-chair, the OH&S Committee at Moose Jaw Union Hospital developed a number of new safety policies including ones specific to violence and harassment, as well as conducted many inspections of work sites.

Denise has completed a number of different courses regarding OH&S – both available through the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety as well as through the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) – and continued to share her passion for safety by participating on the SFL OH&S Committee and co-facilitating workshops at the SFL’s OH&S Conference held each year.

Denise is honoured to be a member of the Multi Union Advisory Committee for SASWH and has recently been elected to the SASWH Board of Directors as a Union Member at Large (March 2013).

Denise truly believes that safety is a part of everything we do; if we were to each take responsibility for what we can change, life would be so much better for everyone.