Heather Monaghan

Heather Monaghan

Employer Director at Large

President, Association of Personal Care Home Operators of Saskatchewan

Heather is the Acting President of the Association of Personal Care Home Operators of Saskatchewan and has served on its Board for 10 years. She is a Licensed Practical Nurse, and has owned and operated a personal care home as well as provided private home care services for 16 years.

Heather is also a high school teacher who holds her Bachelor of Education and has served as an educator of teens with Prairie Valley School Division and an educator of personal care workers with St. John's Ambulance periodically over the past 20 years. She has also acted as a consultant for the Ministry of Health in the field of personal care home staff training.

Heather is actively involved in the field of education and public service as it pertains to the care of seniors. She regularly makes presentations to seniors groups and to community service organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Society of Saskatchewan. Heather strives to educate senior care providers in all aspects of senior care and support, including those of safety, and she works with seniors to promote quality of life and quality of care.