Randa Schikosky

Worker Director - Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

Randa is a general duty Registered Nurse (R.N.) working at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon. Her interest in safety was sparked early in her career when she filled in her first WCB claim.  Randa served for many years as a SUN rep on her workplace occupational health and safety (OH&S) committee.  She also dealt with safety concerns through her former role of President of her SUN Local. She has attended many Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) safety conferences as a participant and as a co-facilitator. She is a former member of the SFL OH&S Committee.  For a short time Randa was also a member of the SHR Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) committee.  Randa believes all employees have a role to play in maintaining and improving safety in the workplace.