Saskatchewan Health Authority - Community Champions Toolkit

The Community Champions Toolkit has been updated with additional resources related to Proof of Vaccination. Resources include:

  • Sample Vaccination Policy Templates
  • FAQ on access to Proof of Vaccination
  • One pager on how to create a my eHealth Record
  • Link to the Business response Team resource page on Government of Saskatchewan Website.

In order to assist communities, businesses and organizations with managing the pandemic, the Saskatchewan Health Authority has designed a “Community Champions Toolkit”. The toolkit contains self-service tools for addressing common communications needs related to COVID-19 vaccines and immunization. These resources will help provide valuable information and guidance necessary for managing COVID-19 at the local level. It is our hope that by providing a centralized set of resources we can help mitigate misinformation and assist communities to implement consistent practices and communication.

Please note that the materials in this toolkit will be periodically revised and updated as additional information, processes and tools are developed. Please bookmark this link check regularly for updates.

View the toolkit and find additional resources at:

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