Culture of Safety Hoshin

It is understood more than ever that staff safety is as important as patient safety and we are working towards improvements. Patient and Staff safety is linked in such a manner that each is required to support a Culture of Safety in healthcare. The Province has embarked on a process of strategic deployment, (Hoshin Kanri) and within the strategy are clear identifiable outcomes and breakthrough initiatives. Culture of Safety was identified as one of the Hoshins with a focus on Safety in Saskatchewan healthcare.

Organizations in healthcare are seeking continuous improvement towards an incident free workplace by examining the processes as to how effective their control mechanisms are in preventing negative outcomes. As such, we are getting a better picture of the proactive measures in place to reduce these outcomes and risks are the use of leading measures.

The charts below are representative of quarterly Provincial Regional Data for a set of measures identified by the Regional Health Authorities to assist in achieving improvements in the safety performance in healthcare.  These measures are part of the Provincial Hoshin, Culture of Safety and are specific to the Staff Safety. 

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Provincial Measures 2017-2018 - Q4

Shoulder & Back Claims Chart
WCB Claims Reduction Chart 2017 18