Provincial Statistics

The provincial strategic initiative of the Culture of Safety has generated much discussion and interest and is supporting all SASWH members to keep safety top of mind. The overall numbers as indicated by Workers' Compensation Board of Saskatchewan sends the strong signal that there is much more work to be done in order to achieve zero injuries in healthcare.   Focused attention on back and shoulder injuries requires dedicated attention and a strategy is required. Zero injuries in healthcare is possible and by working together we can make it happen.













Injury Rates















Measures frequency of injury and is the number of claims accepts divided by the estimated numbers of workers covered. (*2016 Projected)

Time Loss Claims









Since 2013 healthcare time loss claims have been on a downward trend. In 2016, there was a .22% decrease in injury rate and a .06% reduction in time loss claims.



Premium Rates per $100 Assessable Payroll

G22 premium rate









A reduction in the G22 premium rate of $0.15 in 2017 is a cost avoidance to the healthcare system of over $3M.