Infection Prevention and Control Education Course

A proper infection prevention and control practice in group, residential and personal care homes is essential to support a healthy and safe workplace. In this 90 minute interactive educational course, you will learn how to reduce the risk of spreading infectious illness to yourself and others. It outlines five key areas essential to preventing the spread of infection.

This course can form part of an employer’s exposure control plan and can be used for new hire onboarding, regular (e.g., annual) refreshers, and for whenever you want answers to infection control questions. You can enter in and out of the modules as needed to review information, and access videos and quizzes. Happy learning!


Infection Prevention and Control Education Course


How do vaccines work and how do they protect us?

YouTube Video:

Science in Five by the World Health Organisation (WHO)  


Voiceover PowerPoint Presentation:

Masks: Wearing the right one makes a difference!