Spotlight on Safety: Saskatchewan's Healthcare Safety Leaders

Healthcare workers from all over Saskatchewan have made outstanding and lasting strides in creating and implementing safety cultures.

Injuries to Saskatchewan healthcare workers are higher in our industry, than any other in the province.  We are proud to have the opportunity to showcase stories from facilities and regions who have implemented safety cultures. These successful safety cultures have been designed and implemented to improve workplace safety for workers and patients, and because of this work we are many steps closer to realizing Mission Zero and making "Workplace safety; a priority for all.".

SASWH highlights these successes in our Spotlight on Safety in each issue of our Saskatchewan Healthcare Safety Newsletter and on our website. If your workplace, or that of someone you know has had measurable success in eliminating injury and illness in the workplace we want to hear from you!

Battlefords Residential Services Inc. (BRSI)

BRSI in North Battleford developed a clear strategy for safety in their group homes. Safety now begins during orientation and managers and staff are provided the training and tools they need to keep safety a part of their daily routine. Communication is key in the workplace.

After replacing one of their small group homes with a new a state of the art facility, they were able to achieve zero injuries since its opening almost three years ago. They believe that by ensuring staff safety they are improving the quality of life for their residents.



2015 - Mont St. Joseph Home - Support Services

Mont St. Joseph Home (MSJ) is a 120 bed long-term care home in Prince Albert, centrally located in Saskatchewan servicing the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region (PAPHR). Employees at MSJ didn’t have the greatest workplace injury record at first, but that all changed. The Support Services Department is now celebrating almost three years with no lost-time injuries and the Maintenance Department is approaching seven. 




Previous Feature Stories:

Pioneer Village 2E

It has been seven years since Pioneer Village in Regina, SK saw a complete change in management.  As a result, more focus was put towards the alignment of needs for both residents and staff. Safety was always the priority, but the engagement and the buy-in from the staff weren’t there. Injuries and incidents were happening around the facility, but no one was reporting them or working to change problematic and potentially dangerous circumstances. A culture of safety was needed.

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Wascana Rehabilitation Centre - Unit 3-2

Knowing and understanding the importance of collaborative team work in avoiding injuries and unsafe work hazards have proven successful attributes to an effectively implemented safety management system at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre Unit 3-2.

Manager Marie Legualt-Lalonde and staff, along with Human Resources and the WRC Safety team, have reduced their overall time loss injuries by
an impressive 47 per cent in one year.

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Parkridge Centre - Long Term Care FacilityParkridge Centre Safety Board

Parkridge Centre in Saskatoon is a long-term care facility and is home to 237 residents, with many residents requiring specialized care. There are six resident neighbourhood living areas. Residents’ ages range from preschool to over 100 years of age.

Parkridge Centre has experienced a three-year trend on reduced WCB costs; in fact, WCB costs are the lowest in almost 11 years. Maureen Beisel, Manager of Resident Care Services and Site Leader for Parkridge Centre, is proud of her team as these statistics “show the dedication and commitment of the staff to safety and safe work practices, which ultimately leads to safe resident care.” However, it has been hard work getting their facility to where it is today.

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Saskatoon Health Region - RHA 

Saskatoon, SK

Sometimes two heads are better than one when it comes to problem-solving.  That is the case with Tennille Corbett and Luiza Kent-Smith.  Their collaborative efforts have resulted in the creation of an online workplace inspection form that is helping to improve workplace safety inspections in the Saskatoon Health Region.  Part of the reason for creating the form was to perfect the inspection process and ensure workplace hazards were identified before they had a chance to cause an accident.

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Hayes Haven - Personal Care Home

Indian Head, SK   

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have zero injuries, zero claim costs and zero surcharges?  Ask Janice McBain, Executive Officer at Hayes Haven Personal Care Home, a charitable non-profit organization for twenty residents who require assistive care.  Hayes Haven opened in 2000 and in the early years they had a few injuries but since then Janice has made changes that has left them injury free since 2008.

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Pasqua Hospital - Unit 4C

Regina, SK   

The orthopedic surgery unit (4C) at the Pasqua Hospital in the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region provides post-operative care to elective joint surgery patients. These patients have a constantly changing mobility status during recovery which has the potential to increase risk of injury to the employees on the unit.  A team approach to reducing injuries resulted in a 72% decrease, find out how Barbara Neumann, Manager of 4C achieved such amazing results.

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Sherbrooke Community Centre

Saskatoon, SK   

Sherbrooke Community Centre in Saskatoon is home to 270 residents, 100 Community Day Program participants, 500 volunteers, families, friends, students and over 500 staff.  This organization attributes the significant reduction in injuries to their strong safety culture.  Find out how CEO, Suellen Beatty and Operations Leader, Roberta Gallagher are achieving steady results.

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