Incident Reporting & Investigation

The prime objective of incident investigation is prevention – finding the root cause(s) and taking steps to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. It is essential to ensure those who are responsible for investigating incidents are properly trained.

To provide participants with the tools needed in order to complete effective incident investigations in the workplace.

This program is designed to meet or exceed provincial legislation and industry best practices.

Duration and Materials:
This half day program consists of classroom theory, performing the steps of an investigation and report writing. Course handouts include sample forms, checklists and applicable legislation to assist in the investigation process.

Participants are encouraged to bring their copy of the legislation. Recommended class size is 12.

Target Audience:
This course will provide managers, supervisors, occupational committee members/ representatives with a proper foundation and understanding of root cause incident investigation.

Specific Learning:
This course presents a practical approach to investigating workplace incidents by emphasizing how to find the root cause(s), and make effective recommendations to prevent similar occurrences form happening again. It provides basic information about root cause investigations including the role of workplace parties, workplace investigation program essentials, and the steps involved in conducting the investigation.

Lecture, theory, group work, case studies and other examples are included to illustrate and reinforce the concepts.

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