The Professional Assault Response Training (PART) program© is designed to assist workers with a means of identification and appropriate response to potentially assaultive situations. PART principles support the emphasis of self-control, assessment skills and verbal crisis intervention. PART interventions are to be used when the primary and back-up treatment plan does not work, and there is an immediate threat of injury.

SASWH completed enhancements to the program in January 2016 and resources are now available via the material order form below. There is no need to destroy any stock as you transition to the January 2016 version.

For more information on our PART programming or training sessions contact Irene Berns, Coordinator. For licensing information click here.

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PART Program© Evaluation

The purpose of the PART program evaluation was to gather input, from SASWH members and other organizations that have implemented the program, to assist with determining

amendments needed to the program content. The method for gathering input included provision for every level of worker to complete an evaluation form. Click here for the Full Report.


For additional program information or questions about training sessions or resources contact Irene Berns, Coordinator.