Transferring Lifting Repositioning (TLR) for EMS

To support emergency medical services (EMS) with training workers on safe patient handling and meeting minimum requirements of Saskatchewan’s occupational health and safety legislation, SASWH offers its new Transferring Lifting Repositioning EMS program© dedicated to EMS. Developed in collaboration with Saskatchewan’s EMS, this program trains workers on a comprehensive risk assessment process, safe body mechanics and offers guidelines for safe patient handling techniques in uncontrolled settings (e.g., outside, in private residences).

SASWH offers a TLR EMS Train the Trainer program to assist with building capacity and sustaining the TLR EMS program in the field of EMS.

NEW TLR EMS Patient Lift Sheets
In collaboration with Saskatchewan Health Authority EMS, and with dedicated funding from Saskatchewan Ministry of Health (Acute and Emergency Services Branch), SASWH is pleased to provide new patient lift sheets for each active ambulance in Saskatchewan.

Prior to putting the lift sheet into service, workers will watch this video to support orientation and training on equipment. TLR EMS classroom training includes a TLR EMS approved trainer’s demonstration and worker return demonstration on safe use.

TLR EMS Lift Sheet Video video icon
Lift Sheet - Use and Care, Maximum Load pdf icon

Additional patient lift sheets are available from B&H Canvas, Saskatoon. Please email for pricing and ordering details.

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