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Health and Safety in Personal/Private Care Homes


Licensee’s Introduction to Legislated Responsibilities for Occupational Health & Safety

This resource serves as a solid introduction to legislated safety roles and responsibilities for personal/private care home operators. It is intended as to support new and current operators on better understanding their obligations for safety and creating a safe work environment. In addition, this resource includes A Worker’s Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety.

This resource does not, by any means, replace the requirements under theSaskatchewan Employment Act, specifically Part III, or The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 2020.

Health and Safety in Personal/Private Care Homes pdf

SASWH’s Safety Specialists are available to assist you with understanding legislated requirements and offer programs and support to achieve and sustain a safe workplace.


Resources for Small Employers in Health Care

Setting up an occupational health and safety policy manual, developing the related forms and training employees can be a time consuming process for small employers in Saskatchewan, especially when they have limited resources.

SASWH, in consultation with the Regina & District Personal Care Homes Association, has developed some sample occupational health and safety forms for your use.

If you require any assistance in adapting the documents to your organization, implementing your OH&S program, training your employees or additional support for your occupational health committee/representative, SASWH is ready to help.



Forms & List Samples

Anti Harassment Checklist Incident Report Form
Job Hazard Analysis for Position Example Monthly Sling Inspection Record Form
Job Hazards Analysis for Position Form Personal Care Home Checklist
Job Hazard for Task Example Reporting OH&S Concerns Form
Job Analysis for Task Form Workplace Inspection Form



Health Safety and Welfare for Home and Community Workers

The Saskatchewan Employment Act

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 1996

OH&S Committee Manual - May be Purchased through the Government of Saskatchewan Queen's Printer