Effective Occupational Health Committee (OHC) Resources

Occupational Health Committees (OHCs) are required in the workplace under current Saskatchewan occupational health and safety legislation which sets out the structure for the workplace responsibility system (IRS). This is the primary mechanism for the employer and employees to work together and resolve health and safety concerns.

Training Programs:

SASWH offers OHC Level I and Level II training to assist OHC members in applying the classroom theory to the workplace. The Effective OHCs in Health Care program consists of nine components to assist OHCs to become more effective as health and safety becomes standard daily work. Committee members will learn their responsibilities, help the employer identify and assess workplace hazards as well as develop and monitor policies, programs and plans. This will achieve the goal of having a safe work environment.  Read more in our Programs and Services Guide found under the Training Programs tab on our home page.

Additional OHC Resources:

Useful Links:

Saskatchewan Regulations

OH&S Committee Manual