Safety Management System (SMS)

In 2009, the Saskatchewan Association for Safe Workplaces in Health (SASWH), in partnership with Saskatchewan healthcare organizations, developed the Saskatchewan Safety Management System (SMS). The SMS is a comprehensive framework for safety management in healthcare organizations. The framework consists of six elements and 22 sub-elements. The framework was constructed with considerable engagement across the Saskatchewan healthcare field and has wide acceptance. SMS elements include the broad domains critical to safety management in any organization:


  1. Management and Leadership

  2. Hazard Identification and Control

  3. Training and Communication

  4. Inspections

  5. Reporting and Investigations

  6. Emergency Response


In 2015, SASWH undertook development of a compilation of policies to support the province-wide implementation of the Saskatchewan Safety Management System (SMS). The SASWH policy project is intended to provide a standard set of model policies, compliant with Saskatchewan’s occupational health and safety legislation and best practice, which afford a solid policy foundation for use by Saskatchewan healthcare organizations. Read the SMS Backgrounder.


The Table of Contents and Definitions & Key Concepts are excerpts from the SMS Policy Manual that you may find of value.


To learn more about accessing these documents for use in your SMS, please contact the Safety Specialist for your area.