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The development of the Violence Aggression & Responsive Behaviour (VARB) toolkit was a 3-phase project: Discovery, Design/Development and Delivery. The five priority tools were developed through a consensus based process with a multi-stakeholder steering committee and working groups. The tools are meant to be integrated into an organizations workplace violence prevention program and can be implemented individually or as a whole. If organizations have a workplace violence committee or a Joint Health and Safety Committee that are recommending enhancements to their current program, it would be beneficial to review the 5 step process in addition to implementing these tools.

The initial 5 tools are:

  1. Workplace Violence Risk Assessment
  2. Individual Client Risk Assessment
  3. Communicating the Risk of Violence: A Flagging Handbook for Maximizing Preventative Care
  4. Security
  5. Personal Safety Response System


How To Use These Tools

Each tool in the toolkit provides an easy step -by-step process for implementation that allows for customization of the resources to meet the needs of the workplace. An organization with an existing workplace violence prevention program can use these tools to evaluate and/or enhance their program components.